Dyptique – A Love Affair

For the home…..

Dyptique is a brand that I have long admired and floated around as I’ve walked through high end department stores!  Last year I took the plunge and purchased one of their candles.  If you’re so inclined, being a bit “spendy” on a candle can make your home feel more Victoria Beckham and less Wayaneta Slob!  It instantaneously brings a sense of luxury to your home, without having to fork out on the 6 bed townhouse in central London!  I know what many of you are thinking, over 40 euro on a candle is insane but hear me out…

The scent “throw” is incomparable.  When you light this candle (Vanille was my choice), a scent that is subtle but very much there permeates your home. You may be able to tell but for me, smell is EVERYTHING!  My friend and her family once stayed in my house for a couple of weeks while we were on holidays.  I received a text which simply said “every room in your house smells amazing, that is all!”  The highest of compliments in my book.  And it’s true, even if I do say myself.  I horde perfumes, candles, diffusers and fragranced crystals to beat the band – yes I said crystals….ok, maybe I have a problem.

If you feel like treating yourself, then this is a fabulous way to do it.  Even better if someone else buys it for you.  The candles burn beautifully, making your house smell like a dream.  However, this was my gateway purchase when it came to candles.  Be prepared to develop a taste for candles that cost a fortune.


For the senses…..

So my gateway purchase to Dyptique was the candles.  It was love at first smell.  I then ventured to think their perfumes might be for me too.  I’ve always had a penchant for perfumes that are a bit different.  I have a vast array of them sitting pretty in my bedroom and spritz far more than Coco Chanel would approve of, depending on my mood.

As I stated above, Vanille was my first love, so when I read that Eau Duelle was the perfume version, I went a bit crazy and purchased online prior to the smell test.  Insane I know, but I was feeling spendy after one too many white wines and a need to treat myself after a crappy day (a girl I worked with once received a package she didn’t remember buying.  The label simply said “to sober Dee, love from drunk Dee!”  She’d treated herself in a state of inebriation.  I love this story!).

I digress.  Luckily, I wasn’t disappointed.  It’s the perfect addition to my little perfume family.  I tend to wear it when the weather is a bit cooler and I want to pretend I’m wrapped in cashmere sitting by a fire in the Swiss Alps.  It oozes dark, smoky nuances mixed with bourbon vanilla and pink peppercorn.  If a grown up vanilla being taken on a journey with spice is your thing, then take thee to a fancy store and have a spritz.

Where it can be found:

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