Happy Easter with Casillero del Diablo

I don’t know about you, but this year is flying by!  It seems like we are only done with Christmas when Easter is upon us.  Other than religious connotations, what would Easter be most synonymous with?  Chocolate!  And what pairs beautifully with chocolate?  You guessed it, wine!

This year we are spending Easter with family in Scotland and while the Easter eggs get cracked open, the adults dive into a glass or two of Casillero’s finest.

There will be lots of food shared around a big table and as the kids devour their eggs, the adults will be enjoying theirs with the pairing of a good wine.

Fun fact about wine & chocolate

Cocoa beans are naturally fruity!

This means chocolate pairs perfectly with a fruity red wine.  The fruitiness accentuates the acidity in turn accentuating the wines fermenting process and adding to the flavour

Pairing wine with your Easter meal can be a real treat for the senses.  Whether it’s a succulent leg of lamb or a meat free option, salt tends to be a dominant ingredient in the meal.  Salty foods can be a great friend to wine, making it taste richer, less acidic and softening the tannins.  This means you can indulge in a bold Cabernet Sauvignon to go alongside your roast. 

The Casillero del Diablo Cabernet is one of my favourites to go with this lamb dish.  With its smooth and full-bodied flavours including black cherry, coffee and you guessed it, chocolate notes, it’s perfect for each course throughout the day.

If you’re having fish, a cold glass of sauvignon blanc cuts through the oiliness of the fish giving it a refreshing lift.

Whatever you choose to drink this Easter, enjoy the celebrations, time spent with family and a good excuse to indulge.  Enjoy the break, eat all the food, drink all the wine and have a Happy Easter!  Cheers!

For more information on wines to suit your meal of choice, log on to www.casillerodeldiablo.com

Note: I’m also running a competition on my Instagram page @_nospringchicken if you want to enter to win a hamper full of wine and chocolate.  Winner chosen on 22nd April 2019 #sp