Double cleansing – a term coined by the fabulous skin guru Caroline Hirons.  I first heard those words a few years ago.  Once I started to practice religiously, I saw such AMAZING results.  I’m shouting here because it’s such a simple concept but unless someone takes you by the hand and shows (or tells) you about it, you’ll spend your time wondering why the expensive serum isn’t giving you wonderful results.

What is it?

Cleansing twice – simples!  In a nutshell, if you wear makeup, SPF, live in city, live on a farm, live in a house, your skin will gather dirt, debris, pollution & a build-up of skin cells.  To remove these effectively, you need to deep clean every night.  No exceptions!

This doesn’t mean going at your skin with a brillo pad and a bottle of bleach.  Hard core cleansing regularly just strips the skin.  What I’m talking about is using a nice oil, cream or gel to remove make up/top layer of dirt.  Then follow with a more luxurious/quality cleanser to clean your skin.

Think of it this way, if you are spending your money on a good serum or acid, it doesn’t stand a chance if your skin isn’t clean and prepped.  It may seem like a faff to begin with but I do it every evening as the kids put their pyjamas on and I’m done for the night.  Make it part of your routine and your skin will thank you.  And I will too, I love a good skin!

Here’s a step by step on what to do!

  1. Cleanse your skin every morning – don’t skip it. We all secrete oils and sweat at night.  Who the hell needs that to sit on your face all day?? – SINGLE CLEANSE is fine once you’ve cleansed at night
  2. Apply your cleanser to dry skin. I always do this as it really grips to the skin and breaks everything down
  3. Use a face cloth that’s been soaked in warm water and rung out
  4. Place the cloth on your face and in circular motions, clean to give a mild exfoliation
  5. When cleansing at night, do it twice – the DOUBLE CLEANSE!
  6. Use your cleanser of choice – if you really want to use a micellar water as your first cleanse, you can but please ensure it doesn’t contain alcohol (check the ingredients list!) – but DO NOT USE FACE WIPES – THEY ARE EVIL FOR THE SKIN!
  7. Use a more nourishing cleanser as your second cleanse. My favourite is a balm or thicker gel – this really treats the skin and preps for your other skincare products
  8. Remove with a damp warm face cloth and then just stand back and admire your glow
  9. Repeat for all of eternity!

Extra benefit:

If you’re so inclined (and I am 9 times out of 10 when cleansing), introduce some facial massage.  Do this during the second cleanse.  Pinch along the jaw line, rub the skin in upwards strokes and push up into your brows to relax the muscles.  All very beneficial for reducing puffiness and to give your face a little workout.  I’ll be doing a full post on this with a  video soon but have a go in the meantime!

Note: You can use your balm or gel cleanser twice if you wish but I’d save the good stuff for your actual skin cleanse.  Also, choose the correct cleanser for your skin type and needs.

A few cleansers I’ve enjoyed include (click on product to take to online shop – not sponsored, just like the products)

Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel

Clinique Take the Day off

La Roche Posay Rosaliac Make Up Remover Gel

Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm

Super Facialist Vitamin C cleansing oil