Casillero Del Diablo – Spooky time!

So, I’m not a fan of fancy-dress parties and the pressure of a themed look but when Halloween rolls around, I throw all that out the window and our house becomes a scene from The Addams Family!  We dress the house in skeletons, Devils, spiders, webs and skulls and any child who comes to the door is greeted with adults looking like Uncle Fester and Morticia!

It’s believed that modern day Halloween tradition originated right here in Ireland from the ancient Gaelic Festival of Samhain which took place between 31st October and 1st November, when the seasons changed.  This is where people believed the boundary between the living and the dead crossed over.

Bonfires were lit to mark the end of the old year, with bones of animals sometimes being offered up to use as kindling.  Hence the word bonfire originates from “fire of bones” …nice!  These fires were believed to have had the ability to scare away evil spirits while personal items were burned to help relieve people from illness or misfortune.

Casillero del Diablo was born from such traditions… over a hundred years ago, Don Melchor de Concha devised a plan to put an end to the thefts of his wine.  He spread a rumour that the devil lived in his cellar.  They say the rumour spread like wildfire.  Many claimed to have seen the devil with their own eyes, and before long everyone trembled with fear. No one dared go near his cellar… until now! 

Now, there is no such fear, as we celebrate Halloween each year with a big party for family and friends.  When the kids have passed out from over excitement and too much junk food, the adults retreat to our haunted log cabin to share Casillero del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon.  What would Halloween be without the adults getting to share in a treat too, and this delicious red wine is exactly what is needed on such a scary night!  Whatever you are up to, have a very Happy Halloween, have a Spooktacular time!

Casillero del Diablo wine is available at selected supermarkets and off licences nationwide

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