Should you be lucky enough to be heading away on a summer holiday this year and leaving behind the non-existent summer at home, then gathering up some excellent reads to take on your journey is a great way to relax.  Sitting with my sunglasses by the pool, with a chilled glass of wine and a book to get engrossed in, is my idea of heaven.

We are now on to our second book in our Casillero del Diablo Book Club & this month we have chosen, Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty.  Liane is the author of Big Little Lies (which I’m obsessed with!) so we are all looking forward to getting stuck in.  For me, nothing beats a good thriller so I’m excited to see if this lives up to the standard of the TV show.

Finding the time to read at home isn’t always the easiest with full time jobs and kids but even if you’re not going on holiday, take some time to read when you can.  Set aside an hour or two when the kids are occupied or as an alternative to hours watching endless amounts of TV.  Your brain will thank you for it!

For me, summer means chilled bottles of white wine & the Casillero del Diablo Sauvignon blanc is my favourite.  I drink chilled from the fridge or for a lighter fare, top with tonic water for a refreshing spritzer.

I hope our adventures with excellent books, friends and wine have inspired some of you to take the time to put your feet up with a good book, I’d love to know what you’ve chosen (the book and the wine!).  Setting up this book club has allowed myself and my friends to make a proper date every few weeks to sit down and talk about something other than Love Island (Disclaimer: I’m not watching it, but they are 😊)!

This month, some of us are on holidays and some of us are not but when we regroup, the cheese and wine will be flowing and it’s something that I look forward to each time.

Happy reading!!

Reading is dreaming with your eyes open…