Casillero Del Diablo Book Club – Autumn Time!

Well the sun has gone; the leaves are turning brown and the kids are back at school.  Our glorious days of enjoying wine in the sun are truly behind us.  However, as the kids pack up their books every morning to go out into the world to stimulate their brains, myself and my friends are going to continue to do the same & keep our book club going! 

We have had so much fun getting together every few weeks to chat about the books we’ve read.  If I’m being totally honest, the book chat has veered away from the contents of the story on occasion and moved towards the local gossip or who’s child is in trouble in school this month!  But the whole point was to get us together doing something a little different in the comfort of our own homes. 

We’ve read comedies & thrillers & now have decided with the pressure of working & getting kids organised each day, we would go with something light and fun.  So, this month’s Book Club choice is the Devil Wears Prada (appropriate as Casillero del Diablo translates to “Wine from the Devil’s Cellar”!).  We’ve all seen the movie however as screenplays are made specifically for the big screen, it will be interesting to see how it differs.

While Anne Hathaway’s wardrobe in the film is infinitely more expensive than our cosy jumpers curled up at the fireside, we will have the delicious Casillero del Diablo Sauvignon Blanc to ensure we feel like celebrities.  I hope you’ve managed to organise a night or two with your own friends and continue to do so into the colder months.  There’s really nothing like it!

Casillero del Diablo wine is available at selected supermarkets and off licences nationwide