Reading to the mind is what exercise is to the body – Joseph Addison

 Reading…one of the simpler pleasures in life & one which I have let slip over the years especially since having kids.  Before endless box sets & episode binging on Netflix, I used to read a book at least every two weeks.  It was my time to switch off from the day and get lost in a story.  I’d stay up till all hours gripped by a story & sometimes didn’t want it to end.  Now, once I’ve finished putting the kids to bed and scrolling through my phone, my brain is only able for an episode of Grey’s Anatomy before falling to sleep. 

But no more!  Myself and my girlfriends are all the same and we want to rekindle (see what I did there, kindle?? 😊 ) our love of reading.  So, we have set up a book club!  We have all vowed to collectively choose a book every six weeks and meet up to chat about it and have some Casillero del Diablo wine – we all have different tastes when it comes to wine, but with the selection Casillero has, everyone is catered for! 

Our lives have all got very busy so rather than just popping to the pub or going to a restaurant to meet up, we will each take turns hosting in our homes.

Here’s how we are going to do it:

  1. Choose a book – each person will put in a suggestion, with one chosen every month
  2. We will take turns hosting and bringing along some nibbles, so no one person is under pressure
  3. Chill the white wine and let the red breathe!
  4. First rule of book club? Only book club members allowed!  If possible, all partners, kids and pets will be removed from the room so we can chat and enjoy without interruptions

So, our first book is “Oh my god, What a Complete Aisling”.  I’ve had many followers ask if I’ve read the book or am planning to so now, I am!  An Irish Times review said of the book, “you are either an Aisling yourself or at least know one” so it’s the perfect book to kick off our club.  It will hopefully be relatable and fun before we get into darker, more gripping novels.  Have you read it?  I’d love to know.  We will follow up with the sequel, “The Importance of being Aisling” but for now, we are all set!

This is all part of reconnecting with friends in a relaxed environment with good food, great wine and discussing something interesting that hasn’t been seen on a screen.  Let the fun begin!

Reading is dreaming with your eyes open…